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김연아선수와 대한민국의 피겨스케이팅 선수들 본문

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김연아선수와 대한민국의 피겨스케이팅 선수들

긴머리 2012. 3. 12. 05:23

Figure Skater In Korea, Yuna Kim & Other Skater


For being a figure skater in Korea, You have to fight not only for the injuries but also the burden of training fee.
If they are good at doing it, a lot of them give up their hope because of this reason.

Despite all of ordeals, one skater became a light of the figure skating world in this kind of same situation.
In her senior debute, she set the world record of short program in 2007 World Figure Skating Championship and
end up with bronze medal. Before this competetion, she won the world competition for 9 times total. 

But she had no sponsors for all of her career at that time and she did even thought about quiting her skating.
There are 15 figure skater at senior level in Korea and 3 of them has a sponsor.

Of all, just one skater in the world podium level is her, Yu-Na Kim. Other skaters are not in the shade of her at all.
In the darkness which feels like it never ends, the light named Kim yuna just turned up now. 

It is not a night but a noon, now they could see where they are standing in world. If you want to get rid of
a shadow you need to shine by yourself. A planet has a shadow but a star has none.

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